The Adventures of the Fort Myers' Gypsy
February 4, 2013

I think the last update was from Bimini. We decided to venture down a cay or two for calmer anchorage and get off a costly dock. Wrong. Ocean swells made our stomachs ache. Hauled up anchor and headed out onto the Bahama Banks (80 miles) which would require an overnight anchorage on the banks (out in the middle of nowhere). It started out with a small chop and good wind which changed to big chop and headwinds. Kind of like sailing in Ft Myers. Wind in the wrong direction.

Bobbed around like a cork overnight and heard the dragons groaning. Next day weather worsened with many miles to go and Chub Cay had to be reached by dark. 35 knot winds and 10 foot seas EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and off the shelves (and even a shelf) was on the floor. The v-berth was soaked and a hatch hinge broke. We washed and dried all soaked linens and clothes with 2 Bahamian mammas in the resort laundry room. lOL. They hooked us up with a Bahamian woman who made home baked bread and we got fresh eggs.........almost worth the ride on the Dragon. Holy Moly.

All was right with the world again. Dry bed. Had only a few hours rest and weather predictions only gave us 12 hours before more bad weather came so we high-tailed it onto Nassau. I felt like I had been thrown off the back of the horse and had to get back on. Nice sail to Nassau restored my inner peace. Been here for 3 days. Atlantis in my front windshield and cruise Ships in the rear view mirror - turquoise water all around. Been using the time to catch up on house chores (finding that hinge) and finding Wi-Fi.

You really lose all sense of day and time. We had to ask someone what day today was. The grocery store was quite a trip. Box of cereal $10, whole uncooked chicken $20, he is grouchy he cannot afford candy bars, but we saved money on haircuts...........I cut Bob's and he cut mine. Now if he could learn to polish nails I'd be all set.

I'd have provisioned differently and also packed the boat differently if I knew then what I know now. We've met some really nice sail boaters and a trawler from Boston area.............all going the same way. Bob says to send care packages to Nassau (gummy bears and Hershey Bars labeled ships store in transit so he can clear customs, lol) He's sorry he got into the emergency chocolate so soon.

Staying put for now. Expecting company in a week then we crawl south to the Exumas - all blue water sailing behind us for now.

That's all the news fit to print for now, Mon.

Captain Kathy and Captain Sunny Bob