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To contact us, email Maggie French . You can also send a
request via MeetUp.com that will be answered promptly.
2018-2019 Sailing Singles Board

Vice Commodore:
Administrative Director:
Financial Director:
Safety Director:
Membership IT:
Membership Co-Directors:

Social Director:
Heads Up Coordinator:
MeetUp Coordinator:
Communications Director:
Facebook Coordinator:
Web Site Coordinator:
Cruise Director:
Website Editor:

Phil McCorkle
Stu Danoff
Maggie French
Jack Groh
Clarence Yahn
Dianne Hall
Maggie French
Diane Hall
Annie Frey
Annie Frey
Roger Wood
Annie Frey
Mary Ellen Seyle
David Graham
Bob Weirick
Ken Mahren
Shannon Sykes

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